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Why Should I Join The Machyne Community?

Have a project idea? We've got the right tools.
Want to learn a new skill? There's a class for that.
Nurturing a business idea? Let us help you launch.
Got talents to share? We'll help you amplify them. 
Have a designer's mindset? We're always blending art and tech.

Looking to connect with friendly, hardworking and creative people? So are we.

Machyne's Online Community is a place where members connect to exchange tips, share projects, and learn to build together.

About Machyne

Machyne is a community-oriented makerspace with the classic tools and high-tech equipment needed to bring your ideas to life.  Our members - from hobbyists to startup founders - are united by a passion for creativity, collaboration and camaraderie.  

Located in HqO, the innovation hub of 16 Tech Innovation District, Machyne neighbors start-up incubator 1776 and the AMP, an artisan marketplace, creating a one-stop shop for creativity and excitement.

There are lots of ways to engage with Machyne.  Join our digital community by clicking the button above. You can also sign up for a tour, take a class, or become a full member of our physical space so you can use our tools and resources as if they were your own.  To learn more, please visit machynemakerspace.com. 

A Big Thanks!

By combining skills, resources and creativity, we become greater than the sum of our parts.  Thank you for lending your talents and energy to Indy's innovation community. We're looking forward to making amazing things with you.